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What Tech Leaders Know Now in 2Q23 and Must Plan for in 2024

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“The end of the second quarter represents a transition point in the calendar year and a company's strategic planning cycle. Demand in the first two quarters of 2023 was largely driven by companies as they initiated their strategy implementation and made operational improvement.

"Demand in the second half is expected to change as investments move toward completing projects, completing budgeted purchases and positioning for the coming year. This transition shapes high-tech product leaders’ actions for the remainder of the year."

​As generative AI dominates the agenda, organisations must consider their options carefully. How have priorities changed, how must strategies be realigned, and how can companies unlock efficiencies to stand out from the competition?

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Gartner, What Tech Leaders Know Now in 2Q23 and Must Plan for in 2024, Mark McDonald, John-David Lovelock, 25 July 2023.
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