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Leap Ahead of the Competition: Four Transformative Predictions for Business Success

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Step5's four predictions for business transformation

Leap Ahead of the Competition: Four Transformative Predictions for Business Success

Four predictions

Four recommendations

For the next four years.

By 2028 futurologists are predicting the world we live in will be transformed by technology innovation – drones will deliver our on-line orders, movies will become more immersive, connected devices will track our health and well-being, but amongst all this potential excitement the biggest question is…

What predictions will transform your business in the next four years?

By 2028 – the business landscape will be more dynamic and competitive than it is today, and businesses must embrace this change to thrive and grow. Legacy systems, inadequate resourcing, immature data sets – and lack of strategic intent to effectively support change – must not get in the way.

1. Customer expectations

By 2028, successful businesses will differentiate themselves by offering data driven unique, timely and personalised experiences.

2. Social and Environmental

In 2028 Customer trust will be the new competitive advantage

3. Cyber Protection

Hybrid working and the need to deliver digital customer experiences will continue to introduce new cyber risks and threats – for all organisations in 2028.

4. Technology innovation

Over the next four years, as the tech hype recedes, harnessing the power of proven technologies will help organisations to accelerate innovation and fuel growth.

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