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Earth Day 2024: Our carbon reduction commitment

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Earth Day 2024: Our carbon reduction commitment

​This Earth Day, we're proud to share our commitment to making a meaningful impact on our planet. In line with our company values, we care about sustainability and recognise we have a responsibility to help build a better world.

This year, we have initiated our Good to Great programme and a key part of this involves carbon reporting. We have partnered with Greenly and in March received our first report based on our 2023 data. This report details our impact and as a result we have established a number of initiatives to help reduce our carbon footprint.

As a boutique organisation our data set is limited but we have learned a lot from the process and have initiated a few changes so that we can improve our data quality over 2024 and further understand the improvements we can make to meet the UK Government target of net zero by 2050.

Some key takeaways and initiatives:
  • Thoughtful choices in travel: Our teams spend a lot of time with our clients which means travel is unavoidable. We are encouraging our teams to think creatively on this by combining multiple engagements into one trip and choosing more environmentally friendly modes of transport.

  • Supply chain: We are working with our supply chain to include carbon ratings and plans as a selection criteria.

  • Education: We are providing our people with training on environmental impacting issues. Often, we know what we should be doing but it is good to be reminded of the impact in order to make a conscious effort and hold ourselves accountable.

Furthermore, considering our long-term impact, we have invested in a carbon offset project, chosen by the team at Step5 in alignment with our key principles. In line with best practice, this offsets less than 10% of our annual report.

In summary, we have made a good start but need to keep focused and ensure this remains a key strategic objective. We understand there is a long way to go on this journey, but we hope our actions encourage others to follow in acknowledging our environmental impact and establish actions to work towards a more sustainable future.

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