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Meet the speaker: Mingaile Vaisnoraite

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Meet the speaker: Mingaile Vaisnoraite

​We’re excited to introduce Mingaile Vaisnoraite, our Life-Centred Design Lead at Step5, who will be sharing her expertise and insights during our upcoming webinar: Future-proof your customer strategies in 2024 and beyond.

A trained Service Designer and a User Researcher, with a keen interest in all things ‘ethics’, Mingaile has worked on customer experience projects across Private, Public and Third sectors, bringing together the best practices and tailoring them to deliver positive change for good.

Mingaile Vaisnoraite

Throughout her career, Mingaile has worked in various Financial Services roles as an Innovation Consultant, Product Manager and a Customer Journey Designer with a focus on supporting customers in vulnerable situations. Her experience ranges from running blue-sky thinking sessions and hosting hackathons, to working with Fintechs around the world and scouting solutions to deliver pragmatic business outcomes.

In the past, Mingaile built a tool that helped individuals that experienced financial hardship to find appropriate financial support options available to them during the Covid-19 pandemic. This meant offering alternatives to potentially unsustainable borrowing by signposting benefits, grants, and payment holidays to which they were entitled.

She has even designed and led Product Management training programmes that focused on lean start-up, design thinking, and agile methodologies.

Life-Centred Design Webinar
  • Session: Future-proof your customer strategies in 2024 and beyond
  • When: March 14th, 2024 – 12:00pm - 12:45pm
  • Where: Online webinar

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“The aim of the webinar,” said Mingaile, “is to help the attendees create services and products that are ethical by design, driving a systemic change to reduce adverse impact on our communities and the planet.

“I will explain the concept of Life-Centred Design (LCD) which is an emerging approach and a philosophy that takes a longer-term perspective and goes beyond human needs to consider sustainability, environmental, and social concerns.

“This approach aligns with the expectations of employees and consumers, particularly Gen Z, and helps organisations build trust and adhere to emerging regulations.”

What will attendees learn from the session?
  • The trends around what is increasingly important to people when selecting brands they purchase from or work with

  • How to extend the use of the tried and proven design thinking method to drive positive social impact and sustainability

  • Practical tools that anyone in the business can use to support responsible service and product design

Why is the topic important to you?

“When I first came to the UK to study as a fresh out of school 19-year-old, everything was new, and I didn’t really understand how to navigate this exciting, but daunting environment.

“I needed a bank account to secure a flat, but I also needed a permanent address to open a bank account. When I tried to get a phone contract, the sales assistant seemed like he had undergone ‘second hand embarrassment’ when he told me that my credit rating wasn’t good enough. But how could that be? I never had a loan!

“These systemic flaws and quirks led to many baffling moments, and I’m sure it continues to do so for many others.

“I didn’t realise it at the time, but the shame and injustice I felt at the time was actually a blessing in disguise as it turned into a drive to make things better for others in similar circumstances.”

To hear more from Mingaile and to learn how a Life-Centred Design approach can help your organisation, register for our free lunch and learn session today.