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Customer-Centric to the Core: Our Commitment to Service Excellence

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Customer-Centric to the Core: Our Commitment to Service Excellence

​At Step5 we proudly adopt a customer-centric approach and see ourselves as being more than just a digital transformation consultancy. Instead, we are our clients’ change agent, which means we are their dedicated partner who supports and guides them through their journey to transformational success.

As a team, we immerse ourselves in understanding our clients’ unique challenges so we can actively navigate complexity and remove ambiguity. What’s more, we don’t consider our job to be done until our clients succeed in realising their digital ambitions.

Maintaining this customer-centric ethos is our primary focus. We recognise that the business landscape is ever-evolving, and so are our clients’ needs. That’s why we are continuously refining our strategies, seeking and valuing client feedback whenever possible. This approach means we are able to remain dynamic, adapting to changes while staying true to our commitment to our clients’ success.

Recently, we conducted a customer feedback initiative, and as a result, have calculated a new Net Promotor Score (NPS) of +55. We’re incredibly proud of this score as it speaks volumes about the level of satisfaction among our clients and the trust they place in us. It also highlights the dedication everyone at Step5 has shown over the last twelve months and gives us direction on how we can ensure we continue to provide an exceptional service.

Our Managing Director, Justin Narracott, comments: “Clients are the reason we exist. We work with our clients to create tangible and intangible value for them and their businesses – and we do this through our people. I’m extremely pleased with the support we have provided to all our clients this year, the quality of which is reflected in our latest NPS results. This is a fantastic representation of the hard work shown by everyone in the business and proves that their efforts make a real difference – I’d like to thank them all for driving success in everything they do.”

We’re not stopping there, though. We understand that being customer-centric is an ongoing commitment that requires constant effort and attention. To reinforce our obligation to ensuring customer success, we plan to conduct further customer assessments in the future in order to uphold our standards and strive for improvement in the years ahead. We look forward to bringing you more updates on our progress and would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our journey so far.

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